This is just because we all have one. So this is my pixel wishlist. If you want to help with craft things- I have an amazon link further down.

Pixel Memberships

Museni-(Disbme 3 month access/tube license)
Faery Pixels: 3 months
Whimsy Attic– 3 months
Mydoodles: 3 months & Tubing
My Pretty Pixels-3 months

Pixel Sets

HoneyBeePixel– Any sets. I currently have none of her new ones.

Round Gallery Pixels-Casey Birthday Bear, Kitty and Teddy Valentine

Whimsy Attic-Briar Bear Line Pack 🙂

DoodebugPixels-Unicorn Bundle Digi Stickers

MuseniTUBES:[ Chyna Panda, Chai Bunny, Brynn Spring, Ariebella (St. Pats), Jojo, Bugger] GS: [Banes, Candi, Bumpkins, Grace, Kinsley, Dudey]

My DoodlesTubes:[Josh and Julie Valentine, Artist Bear, Tessa]

RoseyPoseyPixels-Daisy Crazy, FuzzyBuns Tubes, Fall and Flora, The Marmels Vacation, Tweedlepuffs, The Beakertons, Cozy Kitchen.

Mely’s Arts-Halloween Horror, Xmas Masha, St. Patrick, Woman’s Day, Love Travel, Cloe back to School, Dolls Vivi Elfe, Primitive Arlette, Lolita Asia, Animals Jungle.

K4U-TumtumUpinthesky, Carousel Pony

Tati Pixel-Froggy Ann and Family, Rubi Bunny Easter, Sally and Dragon Sky Dream, Moonlight Faery, Cuddlesome Happy Easter, Boogle Good luck, Cotton Tummy welcome to jungle, Prim Spring, Tiny Tots Spring Blossom, Mumble a Day outside, Fluffies in love. Kawaii Frogs, Torey Ducky, Buttom Bear, Jenny, Nibbles Easter, Lil Fuzzies Easter, Fall Woodland Fun, Vanna Fall, Princess Molly, Baby Lou, Scraps, nature Props, Chasey Lou, Lil Fuzzies Spring, Beautiful Day, Kawaii Pigs, Nuffin, Jabiz & Jabiza, MOuse and Tea love.

My Pretty Pixels-mini chubs faeries, girly girl spring, it’s easter time.

Northern lightz-DE members area, Sandy, Berry Panda.

I collect:

I’ll collect anything with duckies, teddy bears, faeries, zodiac, pagan or polyamory. I’m also pansexual, so any pride graphics make me happy, as do Epilepsy Awareness!

Real life Amazon List:

This is the list all my friends have access to, so you shall as well.