These are amazing ladies I love and consider my online family.

Still Active Sisters


This awesome sister runs The Pixel Palace & creates her graphics and wares for Country Pixel Paws. Like me, Sissy has gone through a few site names to find the one that works for her. We’re both alike in sarcasm, protectiveness and low tolerance for outright drama. She however, makes amazing tags and I’m still trying to catch up!



Sammy and I get into wayy too much trouble just sounding off at each other, but it’s wonderful to have a sister who understands my frustrations, she’s faced a lot of the same ones! She owns Stardust Pixels and like Shay, is the reason I have so many fricken tags! LOL Both she and Shay create blinkies and tags I’m still hoping to catch up to. We’ll see!



Cary is a creative lady, who teases she’s old enough to be my mom (Spirit and sarcasm wise, she’s my age!) and looks after me, attempts to keep me out of trouble and let’s me be mischievous. I adore her. You can find her at pixel2pixel and at Pixel Palace as a fellow admin with me!


No longer active sisters

Just because these sisters don’t pixel anymore, doesn’t mean I love them less. I do miss their graphics and goofiness though.

Kathie aka Chatterbug Graphics

This sissy is off making the world better by being with her family and helping her local political offices get organized and run smoothly. I wish her lots of love and luck, she is an amazing light.

HeatherD of HeatherD’s Pixels

This sissy is like me and runs a small business. She makes the cutest little clay and sewn projects and I want to show her off. If you’re looking for her goods, you’ll have to go to Heart Felt Plush on Facebook! I currently own her pixel lines and will be seeing again what I can’t and can do with them. 🙂

Patty of Flaming Pixels

I met Patty through a dolling forum called Over the Rainbow. She and Inny were the first friends I made, then HeatherD followed! They helped me slowly get better at dolls and tool shading because I was too scared to try pixeling. Now look at me! Patty was affectionately called the “Dragon Queen” cause if you were looking for a dragon, that’s who you went to. I don’t know where she is or what she’s doing, but I hope it brings her joy.

Innerflame of Inny’s Dragon Hoard

Inny was friends with everyone and I miss her. When I worked midnights at the hotel, she’d keep me company and cause mischief by planting little ideas in my head on getting a guest back for lack of manners (her favorite was to hang their DND up. It was harmless but would drive them nuts). Inny passed away and I miss her dearly. I think she’d love to see people still use her lines and tubes though, she loved seeing her graphics making people happy.

Jacquelyn of Candy Coated Pixels

I still talk to this sister! She crochets and crafts while raising her kiddos and keeping track of her pets. I have no idea how she manages to do all of it and so smoothly but I’m in awe of her. Jacquelyn is part of my obsession with teddy bears and faeries- she made me some of the cutest tags with them and I love to show them off!