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Posted by admin under Uncategorized on October 9th, 2019

I never promised to be good with titles. But I am working on trying to check in more so here I am. It’s been a whirlwind of things.

First, as far as markets go, the next Meet the Vendor Event is October 26th 9-3pm at Lifehouse Community Church. Please come see us, the event can be found on Facebook.

Second, Shopping for Wellness went decently well! We raised, between donations and the silent auction, $340! For my friends first event he headed, and hopefully the first of many years we’ll do, I’m amazingly proud of him.

Third, I’ve been working on new baby blankets and baby sets. It will include a lovey sized blanket, and a baby hat/baby shoes all matching. I’ve been working on the blanket portions, they take me longer. Preview image is below of a blanket I finished. I’ll have the whole set done soon.

Fourth, I finished the law Module I was taking and passed with flying colors. Now I’m onto Criminal Profiling (Passed with a 90%) and Forensics (Just starting tonight). I will up my skills!

Are all you precious people doing okay? What’s new?

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Posted by admin under Update on September 4th, 2019

So it’s time to start updating the site. I’m going to try and teach myself to do this at least once a month if not sooner.

Onto good news! And I’ve a lot of it.

First, I made it 6 months seizure free! I did it! This means I can go for my license now and redo my hours of driving so I don’t have to rely on my folks to get Mark and I places.

I will look into that after the new year since live is pretty busy as is now.

Second, my summer market season is over, however, that doesn’t mean the entire market season is over. I have Shopping for Wellness coming up Sept 21st, and October means my last event with my mom’s church.

HOWEVER, I am still looking for Christmas markets locally, so that may not be the end of my season. Now, would you like to see some of the highlights of Market? I may even have a photo with a demi god!

OH! And best yet, there was a vote for riverside attractions between everyone who has businesses/art along the Mississippi River. My yarn bombing group got third place! It makes me excited. I did just do a piece for the next canopy installation to, that’s below.

On a personal level, I’m taking online modular classes to try and boost my revenue, and I’ve stopped pixels- for now. I’m still working on sets, but I’m not actively working on that end of the shop- yet.

Below are photos from my night market season- my table, 2 of the stuffed toys I made (The bear was claimed instantly by our markets tiniest customer. She’s adorable.) See Maui? Midwest Maui is the page to find him on. He’s absolute sweetheart and it was awesome to watch the kids at market bounce when he showed up. He even fire spun, but I have no photo of that.

The above photo of me working was taken by Andrew Dobson, a local photographer you can usually find at our local events. He’s a sweetheart, if a bit quiet (opposite to my loud self) and he may be the only person to ever got a picture of me looking so calm as I crocheted. I was working on mini octopi (And this was the week before my teddy bear was done).

So what am I working on now? Fall decorations. I’ve made a pumpkin so far and working on more within more colors. I even got a suggestion for a Pokemon. A season ghosty one. We’ll see if I can do it. Below is a photo of my pumpkin. The pattern came from: