Members Area

What’s this? I have a members area? I do!

About the members area:

For $10 USD you can have a lifetime membership to a collection of pixels, tags and outlines.

Below is a sample of my tags/tubes (And not all of them) as of Feb 2020. I’ll have an outline preview made shortly.

Included with this is also Access to all of HeatherD’s Original Pixel Lines, as my sister gave me control of them and I think more people should get to use her gorgeous sets. πŸ™‚


How to join:

Send an email to with the subject “Members area!”
include: Your paypal address and contact email (If it’s different than the one you used).

Once you pay the $10 USD invoice, you’ll receive access to the area and your members graphic. **You need to display either the members graphic or a link to THIS site when using my graphics**

That’s it! Easy peasy huh? Please allow up to 48 hours for me to get back to you, as I also run my own business on top of pixels and don’t often get on my computer til late. Updates to the area will come as I can get to them. πŸ™‚