D&D logs

These are the recaps of our D&D Adventures. It’s played by World of Darkness rules overall (using D10 dice and WOD Sheets) and run in a world of my friends own creation. Map coming shortly when I remember the redraw it off hers. These are where recaps our escapades will be, by the end of the campaign I hope to have our recorded logs (minus the first session) up, and properly edited. We’ll see.


Ashe as DM and all NPCS.
Nick as Xander, a stoner shapeshifter from large humanoid cat to house cat sized. (Think Chesire meets caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland.)
Heather as herself– a human in Harper which makes her a rarity though it does happen. Is know for some reason as the dominant human (She’ll never tell why.)
Mark as himself- another human in Harper.
Len as Kenna, a demon who is currently in a chosen look of a young girl, with an alchohol love.

Recaps: (We play every 2 weeks)

October 18th:

Enter Heather and Mark in Twilight’s Reach bar, (Kenna in the background) one of two twin bars, on another trip to Harper. Heather made a deal with Ziggy, the entertainer and bar owner, for his near bottomless hat. He agreed, given that she and Mark both survive in Harper til the next rotation of the bar. Kenna, who’d been enjoying a drink in the bar, agreed to come along as the hat sounded great for alchohol storage. Heather and Mark remet with Xander in the library having gone into it to find out how long the rotation was (Heather shouldn’t have agreed without the information). Libby the librarian was beating the derp little reaper in her library for yet again trashing her books by dogearring the pages. Heather didn’t feel much sorry for the reaper when Libby stole his eyes (Don’t worry, he’s near immortal. He’s fine.)

Xander convinced Libby to give the reaper his eyes back and even agreed to help Mark and Heather stay alive for their 7 day adventure. He greeted Kenna with “Hello Demon” much like everyone else in Harper seems to, though her demonic state doesn’t seem to bother Heather or Mark.

Xander took them all to a safe spot of his own, rocks were growing weeds on them and his only rule was “Don’t touch the rocks.”

As they settled in Xander’s tent, there was an unearthly smell and it was tracked to be in the trees. A spriggen who’d been following them, hoping for food was found. xander, in house cat size, was thrown by Mark up into the trees to try and talk the Spriggen into leaving because of( in Xander’s words) “flappy bird death”, but apparently it only left after being told by Heather she and Mark didn’t hunt or really consider food, and it felt sorry for the non hunters.

What it came back with was eggs. Just not any eggs. While the Spriggen had thought it’d gotten “Flappy death in the sky” eggs, it’d actually gone into the Garden District of Harper, and taken baby Ethereal eggs. That led to a humanoid wolf (Chiaki) coming and lecturing Xander, who protected the spriggen, but also may have been thinking derp thoughts and who touched a newly hatched Ethereal, specifically the gray one who beat his soul out of his body ala Hulk smashing Loki. After the surviving members not dumb enough to touch the ethereal were wold, they’d have to go find a body for Xander and Heather and Mark knew that meant a trip to the lab. the group, including ghost cat, made their way back to Harper, at the end of the playthrough in the library.

Nov 1st:

After visiting Libby and getting a warning of ghosts and spirits wandering and offering gifts that they should NOT take, she lets them go into the main building again, which Heather, Mark and Xander take advantage of hitting their vaults.

Apparently, She aka Goddess has been in a lovely mood, giving more to them again. Inside Heather and Mark’s vaults are a fountain of drops (currency), a backpack and Mark has a rapier sword. The backpack is a bag of holding that can essentially hold an entire city block if one is so inclined, though right now it has survival supplies: Flashlight, first aid kit and cereal bars, plus sweets.

Xander, being non bodied, jokes with his vault who can hear him, something about “Miss V” though Heather and Mark both admit all they saw was the door talking. Xander goes through the door, is sad he can’t pick anything up and swims in his fountain, finding it cold as he is.

Deciding he might stand a chance at forgiveness or even Mercy, Xander floats up to the goddess office, in an attempt to get a body back. Heather, Mark and Kenna who was the only one who see Xander go floating up, take the elevator and run into Victoria, who charges them a “sweets” admission to the elevator. Heather and Mark find sweets in their backpacks and hand them over, Kenna hands her a tiny Tequila bottle.

Upon arrival, Victoria is admonished for begging for sweets, but Heather and Mark let her keep theirs, Kenna taking her alchohol back.

They listen as Xander is reminded he shouldn’t have done such a dumb thing like touching an ethereal knowingly and.. no, she doesn’t feel sorry for him, he’ll have to earn his body back so he learns. She does however, correct Heather and Mark not being able to see or hear him, and uses what had to be a minute amount of her magic to fix that.

They made it through the library again to the restricted section, down the ladder and have just reached the lab Heather, Xander and Mark were at before, when they tried to find the sun. Seems that mission, and survival for the full rotation are both back on.

Funny Quotes:
X: Hold of Bagging!

X: Haven’t we established I’m not very smart?
a (As goddess): Chulie (A teddy bear she was having a meeting with.) You can stop dictation>
X: realizing he just got recorded admitting stupidity bullshit! I want that removed! goes to try and smudge it, can’t. pouts