K. We need to catch up

Hi! So we’re gonna try and do a quick catch up! Here we go!

2020 wasn’t my year. March and April I was in the hospital after sepsis and a seizure kicked my ass onto a ventilator, took away my muscle strength and made me relearn basic functions without help at 34.

I applied for jobs, got next to no chance to do markets because I am now classified medically as “immunocompromised” so it wasn’t safe with Covid being a raging pain in the side.

No sales meant no real income. It bit. Then December 17th, the day AFTER my husband and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary, I had a seizure again. Another one I couldn’t pull myself out of. I also apparently set off the heart doc enough to think it may be my heart giving me a hard time. I had a echo sonogram type thing and it came back normal. Now, I’m wearing a heart monitor til the end of this month, Jan 2021.

I haven’t had time to pixel, I’m joining my business with my best friends (two different shops but where one of us can sell for both and keep track of finances) and if I can’t do an order, she can.

My vocabulary is more limited now, as I can’t always vocalize what I need to say, thankfully that doesn’t seem to extend to my typing.

I am coming back to pixels, slowly and I’m still working on my handmade business. Everything in the pixel shop is still here. Go ahead and order.

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Yes, I know I went poof. I’m sorry. I do have a good reason.

March 17th, I had 2 seizures back to back and never came out of them. I went into acute respiratory failure at the hospital and they put me on a ventilator, which I apparently didn’t want to work with, so they put me into a medically induced coma.

I woke up April 6th in the ICU of my local hospital. They took the ventilator out and I slowly begin to go from baby food/applesauce and ice chips, back to solid food. I was moved to my own room and the real therapy began.

My left arm ended up underneath me somehow, either when the hospital moved me around to keep me from getting bed sores OR when I had my seizures at home (No blame, it’s not a permanent injury) but it’s currently not able to be fully stretched out at the elbow. I am however, able to take a shower, eat and get dressed unassisted.

The other issue? Being bedridden for a month, pissed off my heart and legs. My legs forgot how to hold me up steadily and how to walk. So while at the hospital they taught me to use a walker which I came home with. Here at home, I’m able to walk without the walker and I’m moving around on my own.

But what about my heart? Well, it’s not used to me moving, so my blood pressure is fluctuating. I’m taking blood pressure meds to control it, which hopefully I will not be on for long as my heart adjusts to me being active again.

The members area is now being taken care of again, and I am going to attempt to still do small updates. We’ll see how it goes, But now you know why I’ve been quiet. Thank you for your patience.

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Good news!

So it’s time to start updating the site. I’m going to try and teach myself to do this at least once a month if not sooner.

Onto good news! And I’ve a lot of it.

First, I made it 6 months seizure free! I did it! This means I can go for my license now and redo my hours of driving so I don’t have to rely on my folks to get Mark and I places.

I will look into that after the new year since live is pretty busy as is now.

Second, my summer market season is over, however, that doesn’t mean the entire market season is over. I have Shopping for Wellness coming up Sept 21st, and October means my last event with my mom’s church.

HOWEVER, I am still looking for Christmas markets locally, so that may not be the end of my season. Now, would you like to see some of the highlights of Market? I may even have a photo with a demi god!

OH! And best yet, there was a vote for riverside attractions between everyone who has businesses/art along the Mississippi River. My yarn bombing group got third place! It makes me excited. I did just do a piece for the next canopy installation to, that’s below.

On a personal level, I’m taking online modular classes to try and boost my revenue, and I’ve stopped pixels- for now. I’m still working on sets, but I’m not actively working on that end of the shop- yet.

Below are photos from my night market season- my table, 2 of the stuffed toys I made (The bear was claimed instantly by our markets tiniest customer. She’s adorable.) See Maui? Midwest Maui is the page to find him on. He’s absolute sweetheart and it was awesome to watch the kids at market bounce when he showed up. He even fire spun, but I have no photo of that.

The above photo of me working was taken by Andrew Dobson, a local photographer you can usually find at our local events. He’s a sweetheart, if a bit quiet (opposite to my loud self) and he may be the only person to ever got a picture of me looking so calm as I crocheted. I was working on mini octopi (And this was the week before my teddy bear was done).

So what am I working on now? Fall decorations. I’ve made a pumpkin so far and working on more within more colors. I even got a suggestion for a Pokemon. A season ghosty one. We’ll see if I can do it. Below is a photo of my pumpkin. The pattern came from: https://stringydingding.com/pumpkin-amigurumi-free-crochet-pattern/

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