Hey lovelies

Just a quick general update of what’s going on and what is upcoming.

First, I’ve not forgotten about the members area, I simply haven’t pixeled in a bit becuase getting on the computer wasn’t appealing. I wanted to spend time offline, take a break from the politcal ads and bullshit. In the process. I seem to have disconnected from quite a lot of you and I’m sorry.

I am aware I’m behind on tags, I’ll get to them soon. I am so sorry. Somedays it’s just not worth the headache to be on here though.

Second, my handmade shop has been joined with another that belongs to my “wifey”, my friend and co-conspirator on all things yarn. There will be a page for that soon.

Third, my birthday is coming up. It’s right after US elections. Understandably, I’m still trying to stay away from the ads cause holy crap do they play a lot and I’m tired of politicians that lie out of their ass. So I’m hiding. You’ll likely see fall tags and pixels.

Be safe, I am still here and reachable by email.

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I’m still here

So, let’s go over real life really quick. Because holy crap has it gotten busy. Family health problems, shop order and oh, yes. my own health and my husband’s immigration card stuff.

I won’t post the family issues. My health is wonky, I keep having dizzy spells (not regularly enough to time) but annoying enough. I have been tracking them with my doctor. The shop order is frustrating because it’s taken forever with my body being a jerk, but it is almost done and I can show you all.

But USCIS> Oh yes. they’re the bane of my existence. On the recommednation of their agent, I sent Hubby’s paperwork off a few days early to accomdate for any mail delays. Funny enough, that’s the one time there wasn’t a delay! It got to USCIS offices a DAY EARLY. They held it 2 weeks, then sent it back.

Yep. I had to spend money on shipping-AGAIN!- to send it off. I’m just glad we didn’t have to come up with $680 for money orders again.

I’ve about had enough with all of this. 2020 was meant to be a good year and instead we have this mess of things. Ugh. I’m going off to work on halloween pixels

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One of my dearest friends, who loves me even when I’m being a complete pain in her side, was married to her soulmate today. Her journey hasn’t been an easy one in life, but she’s always overcome and shown amazing strength and grace even during her roughtest time. Mom to 4 awesome kiddos (2 sweet, brilliant girls and 2 sweet, brilliant little boys.) she is a force to be reckoned with.

Lauren is who performed my wedding to Mark, never doubted I’d marry that boy I was so determined to be with. She also listened (And still does) listen to me rant when things just feel like they’re stacking on top of me. It’s rare she loses her temper- at least to the outside world, but she is every bit the mama bear, protective wife, loving friend, everyone should have.

I haven’t gotten to meet her husband yet- everytime I think Mark and I might have free time- Lauren and her little ones or her hubby haven’t had free time. Schedules here don’t like to match up. But, I have 0 doubt in his commitment to her or the kids he’s lovingly taken to. I have a feeling he seems himself a lot like my Dad Rick, not a step parent, but the parent who stepped up.

I can’t wait to see the life they build together and wish them all the blessings in the world.

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Update to Shop and Members Area!

Sorry, don’t get too excited, it’s not the pixel shop.

I’ve now added larger stuffed animals. This is from the book “Huggable Amigurumi” and it can be found here.

I’m super proud of how this little Pengy came out! (Click the image to go to the full size image).


Update to the members area:

Tube Update

Outline Updates

Bells Frames-preview

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Members area updates

Area Updates!

Duckies-Frame Irish-Fae-Tubes Piggies Dopey-Bear-Preview Darmint-Update-Preview
Credits: Ducky Outline from Sweet Pea Fairy (Closed), Irish Fae from heatherD (only found in my members area!), Piggies from FTC, Dopey Bear from Arcana (Closed) and Darminty from VP

Coming soon

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Members Area is up!

Hi! exciting news! I have a members area! To learn about it, please click the menu to the left and check out the information. You can ask any questions on that post too or email me using the contact information. Enjoy and hope to see you soon!

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welcome to 2 Hearts Handmade! I’ve gone through a lot of names through the years: Dragon Pixels, Nymph’s Dolls, 2 Hearts Pixels and now 2 Hearts Handmade.

I decided this shall be an all for one site. My small business of handmade goods, my vent space, my pixel spot. If any of this sounds good to you, feel free to click around and explore!

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Happy Holidays!

I celebrate Yule on my own, and Christmas with family, so for me there’s multiple holidays!I hope yours are full of joy and laughter. I’m hoping two people get the karma they deserve though. Full circle and all that. πŸ˜‰

I am working on a members area. I should have some graphics made for it by March next year, enough to open and have it be worthwhile. I’m not sure how regular updates will be, but by that point I’ll be back into market prep so..

Guess you’ll have to bare with me! And this layout will be changing too! Oh! If you see a page labeled “Mom’s tags!” I collect tags for my mom. She loves snowmen. So, if you’ve got an extra snowman tag, throw it my way with “Denise” on it πŸ˜€

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Coming soon: Freeware and Resin Jewelry

Yep. You read correctly! Soon I’ll have Freeware pixels up and Resin Jewelry you can buy.

Freeware pixels will be shared with anyone who requests them. You will have to request them as I have a no use list and while it’s only 3 users deep, I’m not going to have my pixels given to those people.

Also coming soon! Resin Jewelry!

I’ve been playing with UV Resin. And my friend was kind enough to send me addon’s for it. So now I have glitter and dried flowers and duckies and.. the only thing I don’t have is resin dye.

Last night I had way too much fun, as you can see with the following picture.

Click for fullsize

1st row (L-R): pink/green rose, double dose Dark blue/teal glitter, big chunk gold/silver glitter.
2nd Row (L-R): Blue Rose (spoken for), Purple Rose (Spoken for), Deep pink rose/Rose glitter.
Bottom Row: (L-R): Pink/white opal glitter, Big Chunk Gold/silver and celebration glitter, Celebration Glitter Square (spoken for)

You could also use them for wire wrapping, less brittle than some stones. πŸ™‚

And the pixels? Oh have a preview.

Snowbears by Pixelating Magick (Closed)
Aloris, outlines by PM (tubed by me)
I love bears Tags/Tube Set: Berliner Baerin (Closed) DoodleBug Pixels (Closed?), Alska’s Inside Out Pixels (closed) and Dolphin Cove (Closed)
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Happy Holidays?

Hi! Anyone else excited for the holiday season? No? Yeah I’m not yet either. Likely because I feel like I have far too much to do. So, to catch up what’s happening:

Hubby and I got photos done! Our Photographer is amazing and will be linked below too. If you’re in the Southern Illinois/St. Louis area, you should consider her as your photographer.

Thank you Angela Our photos are absolutely gorgeous!

Second, my friend and I have started to stream again, though it’s rather uncensored. It’s mature audience rated on Twitch because we simply need the break, him from his job, me from running a business. It works well. I’ll share more on that on a later date.

I am back to pixels, and will soon have more pixel sets up. My markets for the year are done and I’m somewhat grateful.

How are you all? New things going on for you?

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