K. We need to catch up

Hi! So we’re gonna try and do a quick catch up! Here we go!

2020 wasn’t my year. March and April I was in the hospital after sepsis and a seizure kicked my ass onto a ventilator, took away my muscle strength and made me relearn basic functions without help at 34.

I applied for jobs, got next to no chance to do markets because I am now classified medically as “immunocompromised” so it wasn’t safe with Covid being a raging pain in the side.

No sales meant no real income. It bit. Then December 17th, the day AFTER my husband and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary, I had a seizure again. Another one I couldn’t pull myself out of. I also apparently set off the heart doc enough to think it may be my heart giving me a hard time. I had a echo sonogram type thing and it came back normal. Now, I’m wearing a heart monitor til the end of this month, Jan 2021.

I haven’t had time to pixel, I’m joining my business with my best friends (two different shops but where one of us can sell for both and keep track of finances) and if I can’t do an order, she can.

My vocabulary is more limited now, as I can’t always vocalize what I need to say, thankfully that doesn’t seem to extend to my typing.

I am coming back to pixels, slowly and I’m still working on my handmade business. Everything in the pixel shop is still here. Go ahead and order.

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Happy Pride!

Happy Pride! I know I’m half way into the month, but I have been busy supporting friends at the BLM protests and trying to get a job at our local drag bar. Fingers crossed!

So, not that I hide it well, but I am pansexual ( not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological sex, gender, or gender identity. ) and polyamorous (I have more than one partner).

First, me being pansexual hasn’t ever been a thing nobody knew. I don’t give a flying one what you are: Girl, trans, boy, somewhere in between, non binary, genderfluid.. If I have an emotional connection to you, it’s very likely I will be attracted to you. However, part of that is respecting bounds. Yes, I’ve dated both men and women and one ex girlfriend has now found herself identifying as non binary. I love seeing them shine.

As for polyamorous: I do have two partners. And before this gets asked- yes, they both know about each other as I found my second partner AFTER marrying Kiwi. 3 long conversations, and them actually getting along made it easier. No, it’s not cheating. Polyam relationships work the same as monogamous- you best trust and have open communication.

Now, onto a fun thing I made for Pride and some of the tags I made my partners and I.

I made Pride flags as hearts for you to use in tags or decorate your own site. If you’d like to use them, you’ll have to click the graphic below.


And because I’m not assumed of my poly relationship, these are tags I’ve made for both my partners. 🙂 More information on both of them can be found in my about me / loves.


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