Hey lovelies

Just a quick general update of what’s going on and what is upcoming.

First, I’ve not forgotten about the members area, I simply haven’t pixeled in a bit becuase getting on the computer wasn’t appealing. I wanted to spend time offline, take a break from the politcal ads and bullshit. In the process. I seem to have disconnected from quite a lot of you and I’m sorry.

I am aware I’m behind on tags, I’ll get to them soon. I am so sorry. Somedays it’s just not worth the headache to be on here though.

Second, my handmade shop has been joined with another that belongs to my “wifey”, my friend and co-conspirator on all things yarn. There will be a page for that soon.

Third, my birthday is coming up. It’s right after US elections. Understandably, I’m still trying to stay away from the ads cause holy crap do they play a lot and I’m tired of politicians that lie out of their ass. So I’m hiding. You’ll likely see fall tags and pixels.

Be safe, I am still here and reachable by email.

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