I’m still here

So, let’s go over real life really quick. Because holy crap has it gotten busy. Family health problems, shop order and oh, yes. my own health and my husband’s immigration card stuff.

I won’t post the family issues. My health is wonky, I keep having dizzy spells (not regularly enough to time) but annoying enough. I have been tracking them with my doctor. The shop order is frustrating because it’s taken forever with my body being a jerk, but it is almost done and I can show you all.

But USCIS> Oh yes. they’re the bane of my existence. On the recommednation of their agent, I sent Hubby’s paperwork off a few days early to accomdate for any mail delays. Funny enough, that’s the one time there wasn’t a delay! It got to USCIS offices a DAY EARLY. They held it 2 weeks, then sent it back.

Yep. I had to spend money on shipping-AGAIN!- to send it off. I’m just glad we didn’t have to come up with $680 for money orders again.

I’ve about had enough with all of this. 2020 was meant to be a good year and instead we have this mess of things. Ugh. I’m going off to work on halloween pixels

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