Coming soon: Freeware and Resin Jewelry

Yep. You read correctly! Soon I’ll have Freeware pixels up and Resin Jewelry you can buy.

Freeware pixels will be shared with anyone who requests them. You will have to request them as I have a no use list and while it’s only 3 users deep, I’m not going to have my pixels given to those people.

Also coming soon! Resin Jewelry!

I’ve been playing with UV Resin. And my friend was kind enough to send me addon’s for it. So now I have glitter and dried flowers and duckies and.. the only thing I don’t have is resin dye.

Last night I had way too much fun, as you can see with the following picture.

Click for fullsize

1st row (L-R): pink/green rose, double dose Dark blue/teal glitter, big chunk gold/silver glitter.
2nd Row (L-R): Blue Rose (spoken for), Purple Rose (Spoken for), Deep pink rose/Rose glitter.
Bottom Row: (L-R): Pink/white opal glitter, Big Chunk Gold/silver and celebration glitter, Celebration Glitter Square (spoken for)

You could also use them for wire wrapping, less brittle than some stones. 🙂

And the pixels? Oh have a preview.

Snowbears by Pixelating Magick (Closed)
Aloris, outlines by PM (tubed by me)
I love bears Tags/Tube Set: Berliner Baerin (Closed) DoodleBug Pixels (Closed?), Alska’s Inside Out Pixels (closed) and Dolphin Cove (Closed)

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