Happy Holidays?

Hi! Anyone else excited for the holiday season? No? Yeah I’m not yet either. Likely because I feel like I have far too much to do. So, to catch up what’s happening:

Hubby and I got photos done! Our Photographer is amazing and will be linked below too. If you’re in the Southern Illinois/St. Louis area, you should consider her as your photographer.

Thank you Angela Our photos are absolutely gorgeous!

Second, my friend and I have started to stream again, though it’s rather uncensored. It’s mature audience rated on Twitch because we simply need the break, him from his job, me from running a business. It works well. I’ll share more on that on a later date.

I am back to pixels, and will soon have more pixel sets up. My markets for the year are done and I’m somewhat grateful.

How are you all? New things going on for you?

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